Lead Me, Not Follow Me

How is the new year starting, my friend? It may seem like the end of the year is still far away, but I want you to know that just as you starting planning your retirement from the day you start working, so also you must plan this year early.

So many people have had the year all figured out even before it started, to the extent that they don’t have any spare time for contingencies, and by the time they remember that there is a God who created the heavens and the earth, all they have left to say is “Lord, please follow me this year, make all my plans work out”.

Making early plans is good for everyone, but the Master said “except the Lord builds a house, they which builds, do so in vain”. “Do so in vain” in this context doesn’t necessarily mean you may not achieve your aim or plan, but it means you will miss the master plan God would have made for you. 

If you had the opportunity to see God’s plan for your life, you will realize the difference between God building the house and man building it.

The sun and Moon has been God’s creation for light, none of man’s invention when it comes to light has been able to replace or relegate these two objects that God created.

This year, don’t just make plans all by yourself, let the Lord lead you into the perfect plan.

Don’t just ask the Lord to follow you in your journey for the year, instead let Him lead you into the year.

Laying aside self is the key to being submissive to the Master.

To let the Lord lead you this year, you have to put yourself in a position where you will be neutral in making decisions and actions and let the holy spirit have his way.

Let the Lord lead you and the year will have been a great year by the time you look back at it.

Happy new year to you my dear friend reading this. It’s a new year and one of my resolutions is to ensure I write to make lives know Christ and the power of his resurrection

Have a good day!

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